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FvF Interview - Alexandre Courtès

We are happy to present you our latest interview and friend Alexandre Courtès from Paris. Read the interview and visit his home at Freunde von Freunden.

“Sometimes the idea comes in 2 seconds, sometimes in 2 weeks, 2 months, too late or never. You can also recycle an idea you had that wasn’t accepted for a previous pitch.
Other times, music can be an inspiration. I don’t really tell stories in my videos. I always take an image or a graphic idea as a starting point. Then all the challenge is to make this idea work and turn it into a movie.” (((my personal favorite part)))

Meet the man behind Daft Punk’s cult helmets and you will learn a lot about story telling, creativity and his likeable “don’t take yourself to serious” behaviour.

Thanks a lot to Illan Rosenblatt, Natalie Weiss and Lèa Munsch.

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